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Gateway 3DS Review

In the end it turned out that we will not need to do any hardware mods for 3DS to get it to run backup copies of its games. Gateway 3DS set of tow cartridges offers a safe and easy way of adding a software based softmod in DS mode (using the Gateway 3DS blue card) and after that running the roms from a microSD card in the Gateway 3DS Red adapter cart. No impact on the warranty as the hack can be easily reversed. Just be sure not to update the consoles firmware or you risk loosing the ability to play backups from the Gateway cartridge!

Gateway 3DS rom R4review GW3DS

N3DS-Card Generic copied cards like 3DS Card, R4-3DS, M3DS Simple, EDGE 3DS, R43, N3DS R4 and others are in most cases copies or modifications of the more popular brands mentioned above mixed to gather with a name R4 as that has become synonymous with Nintendo Chips. You can even find people calling DS games R4 games and R4 roms instead of referring to them with their correct name. Buy Nintendo 3DS Compatible R4 N3DS Flash Cards >>

Nintendo 3DS Roms Direct Download Links (DDL) and games hosted at Rapidshare. Release List. Full 3DS Romsets available from torrent links.

Acekard 3 and Ace-Kard-3DS low cost high quality chips best known for their excellent performance on NDS and DSi consoles. Great community of developers and enthusiasts support these cards and there are hundreds of skins and themes to chose for customizing the menus,

Cyclo3DS Evolution premium class product from Cyclo team. Comes with style, frequent updates and unparalleled compatibility.

3DSLink - budget type 3DS Linker for those who can not afford to spend much, but want a card that will work better that the cheap R4 clones.

R4 3DS ChipEZFlash 3DS from the EZ-Flash team. One of the oldest chip makers for GBA, NDS and now 3DS. Has a history of making good if not the best cards at reasonable prices.

3DS Roms Download Kid Icarus: Uprising, Crash-City GP, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Final Fantasy, de Blob 2.

G6DS Real, R3 Gold, M3DS Real, M3DS Zero - from the makers of M3 and G6 Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance backup solutions. Best known for developing advanced GUI with added features such as calendars, to-do lists, scientific calculators and media player incorporated into their excellent hardware.

3DS torrents Nintendo 3DS torrent links for Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic, Resident Evil Revelations and all the rest.

SuperCard DSTHREE, SuperCard SC3DS, iPlayer 3DS DivX Movie Player and many other cad models we have seen from SC team have proven that they have the strongest R&D department that never sleeps and keeps coming up with new hardware modifications and additional features maybe too frequent :) But we are not complaining as they were the people who were he first to enable GBA emulation on DSi that lacks GBA slot and now they are developing excellent cards for 3DS with even more emulator and media playback possibilities.

Free 3DS Roms top freeware games for 3DS. Homebrew apps and tools for the new Nintendo Handheld.

Datel 3DS Max Media Player, Action Replay 3DS Edition for applying cheat codes to 3DS games. Brows through a code junky database of action replay cheats for every Nintendo DS and DS3 title ever released or find your own new codes with a built-in cheat search engine »


SuperCard 3DS new SuperCard 3 DS for 3D games. Successor to the DSONE and DSTWO DSi flash cards and iPlayer movie card for the DS.
AceKard 3 3D first true Nintendo 3DS flash card from the team Ace that brougt You the original NDS Ace Kard and all time favorites like AK2i and AK2.1
EZ-Flash 3DS great EZ flash card at an affordable price from EZflash team that has a history of designing good cards for GBA, SP, DS and DSi.
3DS Video - 3D Blue-Rey and mkv file converter tool for Nintendo N3DS console.
Cyclo3DS best backup device that money can buy comes at a price bigger than others. Delivers on all of its promises. Good support and exelent build quality.
3DS film - download 3D films for your console.
3DS Movie - latest trailers, previews and reviews for Nintendo 3D movies.


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